Elementary Program

The Elementary Program builds upon the child’s experiences from the Early Childhood environment as they move slowly from concrete learners to abstract learners. There are materials for math and geometry, language and grammar, science, geography, history, and much more. The extent to how these materials are used is dependent upon the Program Option chosen.

The school day is centered around a 3-hour work period. Special focus is given throughout the year to Maria Montessori’s Five Great Lessons. Incorporated in the day is also group time for lunch, recess, and rest. We seek to build a Catholic community by planning and actively participating in the celebration of Holy Mass at least once a month and planning daily communal prayer, along with a weekly 2-hour Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium session. The children share the responsibility of their learning environment by helping to maintain its order and cleanliness. This, along with several other activities throughout the year, aim at building a community among the children in which they are called to be active participants.

2-Day & 4-Day Programs*

Our Elementary Program will focus on the cultural areas of the Montessori curriculum: Geography, History, Zoology, Biology, Chemistry, and the Arts. In addition to the Cultural areas, the children are able to work with the materials in the areas of Math (operations, math facts, fractions, and geometry) and Language (reading skills, word study, and grammar). If requested, the Guide will collaborate with parents through the initial home visit and through conferences during the year to direct the children towards materials that will coordinate best with their home school needs. There will also be several focuses throughout the year where the children will engage in research, writing, and presentations. Incorporated into each semester will be an event to display the children’s work. 


Our 4-Day Program will encompass everything included in our 2-Day Program but will also allow the child greater time to spend with the materials in the areas of math and language. The 4-Day Program is available to our lower elementary children.


Friday Add-on Program*

Enrolling in the Friday Add-on Program will provide the child with additional time with the cultural material in the Montessori environment. Special research opportunities, science activities, art activities, and whole group activities will be the main focus. This option is available to our lower elementary children enrolled in either 2-Day Program.


* For sustainability each program option has enrollment requirements.  If requirements are not met, the option will not be offered.