Totally Catholic — Totally Montessori

Our deep commitment to the Catholic Faith and to the teachings and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori create an environment at School of Mary that forms the full person of the child: body, mind, and spirit. We are Totally Catholic and Totally Montessori!

In her book God and the Child, Maria Montessori articulates her vision for comprehensive spiritual and academic formation. "Filled with reverence for God's grace in the child," she wrote, "we must constantly keep before us the goal of leading the child so that he is influenced by the formative power of God's grace."

School of Mary will assist the child through the prepared environment and its Montessori materials to find his full significance in God.  

“I would have the room built in an ecclesiastical style…  There would be statues, here and there, of our Lord, our Lady and the saints; and the children would bring flowers to put in front of these… and also light candles before them.  On the walls would be sacred pictures…  The whole room would be fitted up as a sensorial environment calling out to the souls of the children.”  (Maria Montessori, The Child in the Church)

These words from Montessori are so beautiful and reveal the core and great value of the Montessori approach to education - it is the pedagogy that the Church “in her millennial wisdom has always used” (Maria Montessori, The Child in the Church). The lessons, though they may look like language or geography or math and science or practical life, will have at their core the intent to raise the child’s mind and heart to his Creator.

The wealth of educational materials, broad in scope and rich in content, do not merely assist the child in his lessons, they are the lesson. Taking into consideration the developmental stage and sensitive period of the child, as well as the observation of his needs and readiness, our well-trained Montessori guides tailor lessons to each individual child. As Dr. Montessori writes in The Absorbent Mind, "Montessori guides observe children's patterns of behavior with the implication of trust and respect for the inner teacher put there by God."

School of Mary board members, administration, and staff are faithful Catholics who continually strive for growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ primarily through an active sacramental life, Eucharistic Adoration, and devotion to Our Blessed Mother.